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Discover What Our Team’s Principles Are

Mission Statement

The mission of 1st Class Security Services is to keep our clients and their assets protected at all times. We accomplish this by providing experienced, trained and highly competent personnel who will meet or even exceed the expectations of everyone. Read on to learn more about what our security company stands for.



We strive to maintain professionalism in all aspects of our work and every action we take, including providing professional security guards to all of our clients.

Customer Service

Our clients significantly contribute to the success of our business. Everything we do in the security guard industry is for their satisfaction. We aim to provide nothing less than exceptional customer service and seasoned security personnel.


We treat everyone with respect and place the utmost value on different backgrounds, viewpoints, and cultures.



We are dedicated to delivering high-quality services regardless of what our clients ask of us.


We take pride in everything we do and our employees who make our company great.


We work together to achieve common goals and share the rewards of our achievements.


We challenge ourselves every day by embracing change and using creativity in every area covered by our services.

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