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Sergeant Collins providing protection for the Ronald McDonald House Charities Event

Sergeant McDonald providing protection for Open Works Makers Facility

Before a security guard is sent to a site they will receive on the job training from a seasoned security guard and/or supervisor that is assigned to that particular site. Any additional training programs that will be implemented by 1st Class Security Services will have met or exceed any mandated training requirements. Security guards will also be briefed on various criminal and civil laws during their employment with 1st Class Security Services.

1st Class Security Services provides professional, quality and competent security guards to all of our clients. The security guards we offer are as follows:

  • Unarmed Security Guards
  • Armed Security Guards
  • Off-Duty Police Officers
  • Loss Prevention Officers
  • Commissionaires

1st Class Security Services also offer various uniform options for our clients to choose from. Those uniform options are as follows:

  • Standard Navy Blue uniform with company patches, badges and insignia
  • Burgundy/Black Blazer with grey pants, white shirt and multi color tie
  • Black Suits with white shirt and black tie
  • Police Uniforms for Sworn Police Officers ONLY

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