1st Class Security Services, LLC is a local security guard company headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. Our company was formed in December, 2011. We are professionally Owned & Operated by three active Police Officers all of whom serve the City of Baltimore. Our security guard company is spearheaded by a Minority Female and Baltimore City Police Lieutenant, Mrs. LaTanya Brown. When 1st Class Security Services was formed, the Owners had a vision of providing unparalleled security guard services to businesses who were seeking an effective and affordable security guard solution for their property. 1st Class Security Services became licensed by the Maryland State Police Agency in 2012. From 2012-2014 we applied for and later obtained several business certifications such as MBE, WBE, DBE, SBE, SBR from several certification agencies within the State of Maryland. We believed these certifications would be beneficial to our security guard company and would keep us competitive as a start-up security company. During this process we also began aggressively marketing our services not just in Baltimore City, but the entire State of Maryland in an attempt to gain security contracts. As we began to market our security guard business and meet various business Owners/Managers who were in need of security guard services; we were fortunate enough to start fielding calls from companies who were interested in our services. 

As business Owners you are looking for that one person and/or company that believes in you and is willing to take a chance on you. Looking to get our first opportunity in the security guard industry we reached out to and later met with a local prominent Construction Company (Armada Hoffler Construction Company) who was seeking security guard services for a major construction project that they would be overseeing at the Harbor Point development located in Baltimore, Maryland. After several meetings with Armada Hoffler Construction Company, 1st Class Security Services later reached an agreement with Armada Hoffler Construction Company and signed a two year contract to provide 24/7 security guard services for the construction of the Exelon Tower at Harbor Point. Since that period 1st Class Security Services and Armada Hoffler has partnered on several other major construction jobs in the Baltimore, Maryland area. 1st Class Security Services continues to explore opportunities for growth with businesses who; are in need of security guard services. We will always be grateful to those companies for the business opportunities they have given us thus far during our tenure in the private security industry.

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